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dxracer computer gaming chairs

NEEDforSEAT USA's Quality computer and gaming chairs - DXRACER

Each of our chairs are built upon solid tubular steel frames with various options for maximum comfort. Features include quality synchronous tilt mechanisms, height-adjustable armrests and all recline to a lay-flat position.

Our selection of comfortable, stylish ergonomic sport-style chairs are found in these categories:

need for seat
Enhanced seating comfort with thicker upholstery, an extended seat surface plus additional padding in the side bolsters. Step up to the Pro Gaming and Office chairs for some pretty sporty play seats, including extra features you'll love for both style and comfort.


Before ordering, review each DXRACER Chair's dimensions to find one that best matches your needs. Differences between product lineups are defined within each category. Contact Us if you have any questions before or after the sale.
  • Some seats have extra padding and various seat and back sizing
  • All carry a one year parts and labor warranty
  • Lumbar pillows included with Casual Sport and Pro-Gaming and Office seats
  • Headrest pillows included with all models
  • Options available to permit a load up to 400 pounds