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Why would anyone rip open a perfectly good gaming chair?
... to see what's inside!

Again and again we are asked what makes our original MAXNOMIC® chairs really special. Of course, we could write a lot about it, but we thought it best to show you.

Due to the success of our sport seat chairs, there are now many "copycats" selling "Racing Chairs." We obtained one of these "no-name" seats just to see how they are made.

Follow with us as we look inside a MAXNOMIC ® CASUAL SPORT chair ($329 USD) and that no-name product ($235) See the difference a hundred dollars makes:

Let's go! Both chairs unpacked and the parts inspected. So far, so good...

On closer inspection, the differences are beginning to show. MAXNOMIC® comes with a larger aluminum base -- almost 28" in diameter (70cm), Noname has a smaller plastic base (wide metal bases make a seat more stable).

Let's look under the seat - the differences become more pronounced. Our chair has a massive metal substructure.  NoName? Something is hiding under that stapled-on thin piece of fabric... but more on that later.

Look closer: the MAXNOMIC® cover is nicely stitched and attached using metal clips mounted to metal rods that have been welded to the seat structure.

Here we see some truly significant differences. Our massive and comfortable "knee-tilt" mechanism (with 5 different locking positions). NoName has a steel-tilt mechanism.

The fastening screws are also worth mentioning: OURS: 4 x M8 steel BOLTS compared to their 4 x M6 screws ...

Assembly of both chairs is pretty straightforward. Notice though: while the part you sit on is about the same height, the larger backrest of ours is immediately apparent. So are the adjustable armrests.

Let's have a seat! Notice the MAXNOMIC® chair offers support all the way to the head rest (with reclining adjustability). NoName stops short, and does not recline. NoName's padding is also extremely soft, suggesting the materials inside are not high quality.

Let's look even closer. The high quality of our chairs is apparent on the parts that show and also the hidden areas. Unfortunately, NoName is quite different. We were pretty shocked.

Time to get serious - we want to know what's inside.  Take a very sharp knife and ... yes, it's cruel, but unfortunately it must be done.

Today's technology does not yet permit the ability to FEEL things across the internet, but the difference in material is obvious to the touch.

More exciting, though, is what now comes to light: Our chairs are made using high-density cold molded foam padding, the same material you find in those high-quality mattresses. NoName? Watch the "stuffing" immediately fall apart.

The same scenario emerges in the seat. Molded cold foam from us - the no-name product? Under the foam layer we discover foam "waste" pieces of several colors, pressed as a filler. UGH!

Let's check out the backrest. MAXNOMIC® features heavy elastic straps and more of that quality molded cold foam material. What's this with the plywood plate on NoName?

Pulling the outer material from our chair begins to expose the sturdy tubular steel frame. Let's take the electric handsaw to NoName.

Digging deeper...

More of that quality cold molded foam fitted perfectly over the metal frame's side bolsters. Our NoName friend has been cut in half and is looking pretty sad.

Pictures say 1,000 words.

A closer look - LEFT: strong tubular frame and high quality material. RIGHT: thin plywood and glued foam waste.

Comparing the backrests, side by side. Need we say more?

Notice the differences in the PU leather fabric... MAXNOMIC® is thicker and better quality underneath. NoName's is pretty flimsy.

Both "chair corpses" are  displayed in our showroom. We want to mention that we don't wish to make another product look bad or compare apples to pears...

BUT: since the two chairs have a price difference of only $100, we feel that's a small amount to pay to keep your back aligned, comfortable and happy.


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