1. Affirm Payment Plan

    Affirm Payment Plan

    MAXNOMIC just got more affordable! We’ve partnered with Affirm, where you can pay over time with flexible monthly payment options, with rates ranging from 0% APR on 3 months, 10-30% APR on 6-12 months.

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  2. General Care

    General Care

    The MAXNOMIC® brand might be the best professional chair on the market, but sadly nothing lasts forever. Especially if you don't take any steps to prolong your chair's lifespan. Here's a list of tips and tricks to keep your chair rocking!

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  3. Shipping Information

    Shipping Information

    Find out everything about shipping services we offer and estimated shipping times to your State!

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  4. Warranty & Return Policies

    Warranty & Return Policies

    Learn everything about our warranty, return and cancellation policy.

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  5. Copyright and Trademark Notice

    Copyright and Trademark Notice

    Copyright and Trademark Notice

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  6. Credit Card Policy

    Credit Card Policy

    Read more about accepted credit cards and required billing information.

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  7. Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy

    Learn more about our Privacy Policy.

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