MAXNOMIC® at Crew Stadium

MAXNOMIC is known to be the trusted chair of Esport champions, but we’re also trusted outside the realm of video games. The Columbus Crew SC can attest to that, we made them a custom MAXNOMIC bench on the sidelines for the coach, technical teams and whenever a player gets tired and needs to take a break. The Columbus Crew SC needs top quality because they strive to be the best every day! Not only are they based in one of the fastest growing cities in America but they also have 5 major trophies under their belt, including the 2008 MLS Cup!  



What makes our chairs a perfect fit for them is the ergonomic science behind the seat. With our metal frame and cold foam design, you are sitting at a constant rate of comfort. With regular cushions your bottom eventually sinks to the base of the chair but with our design, the cold foam will keep your from sinking to the bottom. This also allows for continued blood flow through your legs. This is perfect for athletes who need a moments rest, instead of having to struggle out of the chair they’ll be able to pop right up and keep going at a moment's notice.  

This also means our chairs are perfect for the office as well. Due to the constant rate of comfort and the continuous blood flow, you can work 8+ hours a day without fear of your legs falling asleep or growing sore. Not having to deal with numb legs or pain can increase productivity and genuinely make a positive change in your day to day life.  

Just remember, whether it’s on the field, in the office or behind your gaming rig, MAXNOMIC always has your back.