NEEDforSEAT USA Partners With Game Arena

Imagine going to a place where you can be fully immersed into your favorite eSport, right next to your friends and teammates. A place with perfect internet connection and top of the line PCs with the best graphics and zero lag. A place with the best gaming chairs in the world where you can spend hours upon hours playing Overwatch, PUBG, Dota 2, or any game you’d possibly want to play.


For those in Central Ohio, this perfect dream-like place is very much a reality!


Earlier this year, Game Arena opened its doors in Hilliard, not far from the NEEDforSEAT USA office in Columbus. In order for them to provide the best gaming experience in the Midwest, Game Arena knew they would need the best gaming chairs in the industry.

Game Arena Gamer

Once we caught wind of Game Arena, we knew they would need the power of MAXNOMIC™ to give gamers the most comfortable and ergonomic experience!

Seating Area at Game Arena

Now, each computer and each console at Game Arena each have a MAXNOMIC™ gaming chair including each system in the party and tournament rooms. Game Arena is home to many weekly eSports competitions for various popular games including Fortnite, Madden, Rocket League, Street Fighter V, and many, many more!


Not only do gamers get the ultimate experience on the gaming side, but Game Arena even offers gamers food and drinks you can order from the computer and brought out to you without having to leave your chair!

Fortnite at Game Arena

We’re proud to be a partner with Game Arena and promote eSports in Columbus! When you’re there, be sure to tag us in your photos and test out the different sized chairs in the test seating area!