Biggest OSU Chair Ever Built

In 2015 NEEDforSEAT, with the help of local artist, Vasnini (known for artwork at the Arch City Tavern), set out to build the largest OSU chair ever! We accomplished just that.

Made of acrylic-painted Styrofoam with a protective outercoat, this chair is virtually indestructible!

We revealed it to the public by loading it into the bed of a truck and taking it to a tailgating party.



Clearly it was a crowd-pleaser prompting some fans to climb on it for pictures.

During the off-season the chair is stored at our office at 1946 Camaro Avenue in Columbus, Ohio. It’s even available to be rented out if you want to make your OSU party one for the books. Simply contact us at 614-295-4127 or [email protected].