Cardale Jones and NEEDforSEAT

Current LA Chargers Quarterback, Cardale Jones, started his career at The Ohio State University. Born in Ohio, Jones was a long-time fan of OSU not knowing that one day he was going to play for them. After being drafted into the NFL he decided he needed to commemorate his humble beginnings at OSU by having his MAXNOMIC OSU XL chair customized with his nickname.cardale-ig-postHowever, you don’t have to be a football player to enjoy the unique touch that custom embroidery adds to your chair. World-famous record producer, DJ, musician, and composer, Deadmau5, chose to have his MAXNOMIC personalized, as well! Luckily custom names, gamertags, and nicknames are available for the average Joe also! To add to your chair simply enter the desired name in the box provided during the order process. Additionally, we embroider custom logos for the professionals wanting to stand out. To receive a quote email your logo to [email protected].deadmau5-ig-post