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See What's Inside!

We've been asked many times, "what makes our original MAXNOMIC® chairs so special?!". Talk is cheap so we thought it's best to show you.

Due to the success of our MAXNOMIC® e-sports & gaming chairs, many "copycats" have entered the market selling their "racing chairs." We obtained one of these "no-name" seats to compare.

See what a difference of $100 make: MAXNOMIC ® CASUAL SPORT chair ($329 USD) and the no-name chair ($235). 

MAXNOMIC® comes with a larger aluminum base - almost 28" in diameter (70cm), making it more stable and durable. No-name chair comes with a small plastic base.

Under the seat MAXNOMIC® has a massive metal substructure that is welded to the seat. The other chair, not so much...

MAXNOMIC® has a 5 position "knee-tilt" mechanism - allowing you to adjust your chair to YOU. No-name has a steel-tilt mechanism locked in one position.

MAXNOMIC® offers support all the way to the head rest with reclining adjustability. No-name stops short, and does not recline!

Time for a closer look! 

The MAXNOMIC® cover material is tightly sewn for durability. No-name is flimsy stapled. 

MAXNOMIC® chairs are made with high-density cold molded foam padding, the same material you find in high-quality mattresses. No-name is packed with "stuffing" that immediately falls apart.

In the backrest, MAXNOMIC® features heavy elastic straps and more of that quality molded cold cured foam material. No-name features plywood!

We took a saw to the no-name chair (the saw doesn't cut through our metal frame)! Check out the striking difference in quality and durability!

MAXNOMIC® has a sturdy tubular steel frame and quality cold molded foam fitted perfectly over the metal frame's side. No-name chair fell into a bunch of cheap pieces.

Pictures say more than 1,000 words.

The difference is clear.

For a $100 price difference, that's a small amount to pay a higher quality, more durable, and comfortable chair! In the long run, MAXNOMIC® keeps your back and pocketbook happy :-)


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