1. General Care

    The MAXNOMIC brand might be the best professional chair on the market, but sadly nothing lasts forever. Especially if you don't take any steps to prolong your chair's lifespan. Here's a list of tips and tricks to keep your chair rocking!
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  2. Shipping Information

    Find out everything about shipping services we offer and estimated shipping times to your State!

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  3. Biggest OSU Chair Ever Built

    Biggest OSU Chair Ever Built

    In 2015 NEEDforSEAT, with the help of local artist, Vasnini (known for artwork at the Arch City Tavern), set out to build the largest OSU chair ever! We accomplished just that. 

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  4. NEEDforSEAT has spirit, how 'bout you?

    NEEDforSEAT has spirit, how 'bout you?

    Being a Columbus-based company, showing our school spirit for Ohio State University is important to us! That’s why in January 2018 we decided to add the Black Edition to our Ohio State models.  This has allowed fans to have a more sophisticated look for the office, while still representing the team they love!

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  5. Cardale Jones and NEEDforSEAT

    Cardale Jones and NEEDforSEAT

    Current LA Chargers Quarterback, Cardale Jones, started his career at The Ohio State University. Born in Ohio, Jones was a long-time fan of OSU not knowing that one day he was going to play for them. After being drafted into the NFL he decided he needed to commemorate his humble beginnings at OSU by having his MAXNOMIC OSU XL chair customized with his nickname.

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  6. NEEDforSEAT USA Partners With Game Arena

    Seating Area at Game ArenaEarlier this year, Game Arena opened its doors in Hilliard, not far from the NEEDforSEAT USA office in Columbus. In order for them to provide the best gaming experience in the Midwest, Game Arena knew they would need the best gaming chairs in the industry.

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